Thursday, April 14, 2011

Claim it! We love it!

Hi Sean - long overdue feedback on the shadow. I got a board from you last Summer - blue 5'10" shadow. In short I love it. I took it to Indo with me and rode it the whole time except for one day that was 12ft plus (face). The board is definitely the missing link between performance fish and performance shortboard. It holds the rail line like a fish on those nice drawn out arcs but also goes straight up and down, and a little sideways, on top turns/snaps. Most importantly it goes backside with no disconnect in how tight you want to draw your line - unlike the more fishy quads out there. Anyway Im fired up on the board - rode it in Indo, Aussie and now last few months in NorCal winter when I thought I might put it away for more standard shortboard. Im keen to order the double black diamond in a month or so, but just wanted to get some feedback and a couple photos back to you.

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