Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pretty Good Feedback on the Nubster....aka "Guitar Pick by 10x World Champion Kelly Slater

No feeling board I can remember. Ready to slay people! Thank you so much. That fifth fin just tightens and smooths the whole thing up.

Thank you Mad Dog!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Nubster Fin......aka Guitar Pick Fin.

Testing the Nubster aka Guitar Pick Fin.....this little guy can add drive and control to your quad without "over finning it."

The Nubster and the Twinzer 5

The Latest board design by the crew here at Von Sol is the Twinzer 5.
This board is Soooooo Fast it will blow your mind.The twinzer has always been a very
fast fin configuration/design but at times it was out of control.I have been working on the nubster fin to ride with a number of different fin set ups especially quads.For this design,
the nubster cures the "slide out" issue
that this design suffered from in the past allowing you to put the peddle to the medal with
"no worries!"